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Sunday 25

room AM PM

Distribution of the congress badges for the pre-registered participants

Monday 26

room AM PM
Palacio de Valparaiso

Opening Ceremony

Ministers' Session

Exhibition Hall

Welcome reception


Tuesday 27

room AM PM
Palacio de Valparaiso 1 SP9 Road safety: The UN Decade of action TSC Safety of the Road System
Palacio de Valparaiso 2 TSA Sustainability of the Road Transport System TCA.3 Road System Economics and Social Development
Casa del Diezmo 1, 2 TCB.5 Winter Service SP4 Large cities: integration of the surface transport modes and their interactions
Casa del Diezmo 3, 4 SP8 Good governance and integrity SP7 Performance-based management of the road transport system
Palacio de Iturbide 2, 3 SP3 Integration of road networks and other surface transport modes at continent level and modal shift SP5 Sustainable rural roads networks
Palacio de Valparaiso 3

Keynote speech: A global perspective on road safety challenges and opportunities: Dr. Etienne KRUG, Director Department of Injuries and Violence Prevention, World Health Organization


Presentation of PIARC prizes winning papers.


Exhibition Hall

Poster sessions

Topic 12. Keeping Cities Moving

Topic 13. Freight Transport

Topic 19. Managing Operational Risk in the Road Sector

Pavilion of the World Road Association (Exhibition Hall)



Wednesday 28

room AM PM
Palacio de Valparaiso 1 TCC.1 Safer Road Infrastructure TCC.2 Safer Road Operations
Palacio de Valparaiso 2 TCA.2 Financing, Managing and Contracting of Road System Investment TCA.1 Preserving the Environment
Casa del Diezmo 1, 2 TSB Improving Provision of Services TCB.1 Good Governance of Road Administrations
Casa del Diezmo 3, 4 SP1 Sustainability of road transport. Where are we heading, how do we assess sustainability? TSD Quality of Road Infrastructure
Palacio de Iturbide 3, 4 SP6 Transport and land use planning - How well integrated are they? SP2 What are the perspectives for road transportation systems in different parts of the world?
Palacio de Valparaiso 3

Keynote speech by Mr. Dionisio Pérez-Jácome Friscione, Secretary of Communications and Transport of Mexico.


Palacio de la Canal 11 WHDM4 Workshop: Presentation HDM-4 WAF1 Workshop: Airfield pavements. Part 1
Exhibition Hall

Poster sessions

Topic 20. Sustainable Approaches for Road Tunnels

Topic 23. Road Bridges

Topic 24. Innovations in the Treatment and Use of Marginal Local Materials

Topic 25. Innovations in Construction and Maintenance of Unpaved Roads in Developing Countries

Poster sessions

Topic 2. Innovative Road Management Arrangements

Topic 3. Funding of Road Infrastructure

Topic 4. Shadow and Direct User Toll (PPP.

Topic 5. Economic Aspects of Mobility Pricing

Topic 6. New Approaches to Appraisal of Social Impacts of Road Projects

Pavilion World Road Association (Exhibition Hall)

Terminology 14.00-14.30

Thursday 29

room AM PM
Palacio de Valparaiso 1 TCC.3 Managing Operational Risk in Road Operations TCC.4 Road Tunnel Operations
Palacio de Valparaiso 2 TCA.4 Rural Road Systems and Accessibility to Rural Areas SP10 Practical experiences in Public - Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the road sector
Casa del Diezmo 1, 2 TCB.2 Road Network Operations TCB.3 Improved Mobility in Urban Areas
Casa del Diezmo 3, 4 TCD.2-Part 1 Road Pavements TCD.2-Part 2 Road Pavements
Palacio de Iturbide 2, 3 TCD.3 Road Bridges SP13 Future of automobile transport (technology and usage) and its impacts on road infrastructure design and operations
Palacio de Valparaiso 3

Keynote speech: Lessons learned from the great earthquakes of Chile and Japan, by Mr. Mario FERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ, Road Director, Ministry of Public Works, Chile and Mr. Shigenobu KAWASAKI, Director for Road Engineering Analysis, National Highway and Risk Management Division, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan.


National Committees

- Spanish session 15.00-16.00

- English session 16.00-17.00

- French session 17.00-18.00

Palacio de la Canal 11 WAF2 Workshop: Airfield pavements. Part 2
Palacio de la Canal 4 WHDM4-2 Workshop: Spanish speaking users of HDM-4 version 2
Exhibition Hall

Poster sessions

Topic 15. Linear Settlements: the World-Wide Disaster for Road Safety

Topic 16. Methods for Road Safety Impact Assessments

Topic 17. Road Safety System Approach

Topic 18. The System Approach of Human Factors in Road Design and Operations

Poster sessions

Topic 1. Environmental Evaluation of Road Projects

Topic 7. Sustainable Maintenance of Rural Roads

Topic 8. Project Governance and Institutional Integrity

Topic 9. Capturing and Understanding Customer Needs

Topic 10. Human Resources for the Future

Topic 11. Management of Roads

Pavilion World Road Association (Exhibition Hall)

Terminology 10.30- 11.00

Centro Banamex

Congress Diner 19.00-22.00

Friday 30

room AM PM
Palacio de Valparaiso 1 SP12 Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for safer and more efficient traffic management
Palacio de Valparaiso 2 SP11 Road User Charging Schemes - lessons learned and future prospects
Casa del Diezmo 1, 2 TCB.4 Freight Transport and Inter-Modality
Casa del DIezmo 3, 4 TCD.1 Management of Road Infrastructure Assets
Palacio de Iturbide 2, 3 TCD.4 Geotechnics and Unpaved Roads
Palacio de Valparaiso 3

Closing session 14.00-15h30

Exhibition Hall

Poster sessions

Topic 21. Adaptation of Road Pavements to Climate Change

Topic 22. Innovation in Road Pavements