XXIVth World Road Congress

In 1975, the XVth World Road Congress was held in Mexico-city. 36 years later, we are back to Mexico and Latin America.

The motto of this XXIVth edition of the World Road Congress "Roads for a better life - Mobility, sustainability and development" highlights the importance of a safe and efficient road transportation system for the benefit of the communities and economies of all countries in the world.

This congress was organized in close cooperation between the World Road Association, responsible for the content and development of the programme, the Ministry for Communications and transport of Mexico ( Secretaria de Communicaciónes y Transportes) and the Mexican Association of Road Engineers (AMICVTAC - Asociación Mexicana de Ingenería de Vías Terrestres, A. C.) in charge of the organization matters for the congress.

Main figures of the congress


Contents of the DVD

It contains:

  • information on the venue, on the organizers and sponsors of the congress,
  • the programme of all sessions and of the technical visits,
  • the speeches of the plenary sessions (opening, Ministers', closing),
  • the national reports by World Road Association member countries as an input to the Strategic Direction Sessions,
  • the introductory reports to the sessions,
  • the visual supports used for the presentations of all sessions including the keynote speeches,
  • the individual papers selected by the Technical Committees as a result of the call for papers,
  • the general report of the congress including the detailed conclusions provided by the Technical Committees,
  • the activity report of the World Road Association for the four years from the last World Road Congress in Paris in 2007,
  • information and photos of the exhibition,
  • the programme for accompanying persons,
  • photographies taken during the congress and presented in slideshows for the different sections of this DVD,
  • videos presenting excerpts of speeches at the plenary sessions,
  • the list of participants.

This DVD is providing a comprehensive record of the proceedings of the congress. I wish you enjoy browsing this compendium.

Jean-François Corté
Secretary General
World Road Association (PIARC)


History of the World Road Congresses

1908, Paris - 1910, Brussels - 1913, London - 1923, Seville - 1926, Milan - 1930, Washington - 1934, Munich - 1938, The Hague - 1951, Lisbon - 1955, Istanbul - 1959, Rio de Janeiro - 1964, Rome - 1967, Tokyo - 1971, Prague - 1975, Mexico - 1979, Vienna - 1983, Sidney - 1987, Brussels - 1991, Marrakech - 1995, Montreal - 1999, Kuala Lumpur - 2003, Durban - 2007, Paris